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The Black Art of Head Porting

In the past, cylinder heads were ported by hand and tested on a flow bench.  This was the norm for decades.  With the production factory automotive heads of the past this approach worked fine due to the very un-efficient ports of the day. more...

ZX-14 47mm Throttle Bodies

Competition CNC is offering bored out factory 47mm throttle bodies for the ZX-14. These are the same 47mm throttle bodies we ran on Rickey Gadson's Real Street bike last year with our stage 3 big bucket/cam big valve CNC ported head. The bike was making 254 hp all motor with this combo. more...







Competition CNC - In The News

Rickey Gadson reaches 217.8 MPH on Competition CNC’s Kawasaki ZX-14 at Loring 2010

After completing tech inspection with the bike on Friday we were ready for Saturdays shake down and license runs. The bike was a completely new platform this year having switched from last years Kawasaki zx12r.  The zx14 allowed for a larger displacement engine of 1570 cc so we could get closer to the 1650cc class limit.

After the Saturday morning drivers meeting Rickey got his big red "R" rookie sticker for his helmet and we did the mandatory rookie track orientation ride.

The track is concrete 300 feet wide 8 feet thick and just under 2.5 miles long. Rookies are required to do the licensing runs of 125mph, 150mph and 175mph before an all out pass.
We took advantage of the first few passes to make sure there weren’t any issues with the bikes brakes and suspension. The first full pass went smooth with a trap speed of 212 mph.
The rpm’s were quite low in 6th gear, just breaking 10,200. We wanted to gear the bike tall for the first few runs so we could bring the rpm’s up as the runs progressed.

The bike was setup on the dyno with the air fuel rich and a few degrees of ignition advance removed from optimal for safety which took away a handful of hp and left the bike at 246 hp on the Dynojet 250i.

After making another pass at 215mph we decided to change the gearing to pull more rpm’s.   The next pass was 217 mph and the difficulty of foot shifting a bike at 200+ mph became apparent and it was scrubbing off speed.

After making another gearing change and a few more passes we were still at 217 mph. It seemed that was our balance between drag and power.  After contemplating running a different fuel for some added power at the end of the day on Sunday we switched fuels and made a pass hoping to get a few more HP to break 220 mph but we ended up hurting the engine.

217.8 mph was our best speed of the Loring event and the fastest speed for a normally aspirated bike. With only about 3 short weeks to get the bike together and limited time to really tune the bike. We feel it there is quite a bit more power left in it and haven’t even had the chance to play with cam timing or different cams.

Next up is some drag racing…

Sims Motor Sports chooses Competition CNC's Stage 2 Head and cam package for there Suzuki Hayabusa project bike featured in Julys Sport Rider Magazine.

Competition CNC’s New Cylinder Head and Doug Meyer Help TFA set New Speed Record at Loring Maine

TFA arrived Friday at the old Loring SAC Air force base in Limestone Maine for the first of what is hoped to be an annual event by the LTA/ECTA. Friday was reserved for tech inspection with the first runs to start Saturday after the drivers meeting and group drive down the course for familiarization with the layout. It was agreed that everyone would not exceed 175 mph for the first pass at this new venue. The timing lights were set 1.5 miles from the start line so there was a mile of shutdown. READ MORE...

Mike Garcia's uses Competition CNC's Stage 2 CNC ported head and cam package to set the Bonneville Record for 1350cc APS-AG.

"Competition CNC's new SB2.2 cylinder head helps the Luna Sueno Tequila/Chevrolet Corvette to its first SCCA Trans-am win at Watkins glenn NY."

Competition CNC's Factory LT-1
heads in GM High -Tech Magazine cylinder head shootout. READ MORE...

Cobra Automotive dominates with Competition CNC's factory cast
Iron and RHS Iron cylinder heads.

"Competition CNC's cnc ported factory ford cast Iron and cnc ported RHS iron SBF ford heads provide plenty of punch for Cobra Automotives race cars to score many wins in the vintage race series ."

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