Cylinder Head Customization for Motorcycle Performance Optimization

Competition CNC Kawasaki Products

ZX-14 Stage 2
CNC Ported Head and Cams $2,865

Stage 2 CNC ported
29mm buckets installed
CNC clearance for large cams
Valve Job
Valve bowls hand blended
Manifolds hand blended
Valve seals (High Temp Viton)
65# valve springs
Titanium spring retainers
Steel spring bases
Stage 2 cams
Valve lash set (ready to bolt on)


  • Must use adjustable cam gears and degree cams for safe piston to valve clearance.
  • 47mm or 48mm bored throttle bodies are highly recommended.
  • Works with stock injectors and fuel system.
  • Fuel re-mapping is required.
  • Aftermarket exhaust system highly recommended.


  • 47mm throttle bodies (on exchange) $580
  • Stainless steel valves $368
  • Bronze valve seats $475
  • Bronze valve guides $250
  • Cam gears $65
  • Head gasket $85
  • Cam Chain $75
  • Pistons $720
Kawasaki ZX-14 CAMS Kawasaki ZX-14 STAGE 2 OS BUCKETS Kawasaki ZX-14 CLEARANCE BORING Kawasaki ZX-14 STAGE 2 TOP Kawasaki ZX-14 inside port Kawasaki ZX-14 chamber 1
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