Cylinder Head Customization for Motorcycle Performance Optimization

About Competition CNC

Competition CNC specializes in cylinder head development and CNC porting for all levels of performance from street to maximum race efforts. We offer a wide array of engineered cylinder heads designed to out perform the typical “off the shelf” production CNC ported heads commonly offered.

We start with the application that the engine will be used in and then set performance and design goals for that application. We can then develop the ports and combustion chambers to achieve those goals by a combination of traditional hand prototype porting and flow bench testing on the Super Flow 600, and digital in computer, port designing and testing. This combination allows us to design, develop, test cut, bench test and dyno designs much faster and more accurately than was possible just a few years ago. But the race track is where the design gets the final seal of approval.

Home of the most powerful Busa and ZX14 cylinder heads on the planet
Because we create all of the digital port masters in MasterCam X2 we can alter the port and make subtle and not so subtle changes to alter the ports characteristics quickly and accurately controlling the exact cross sectional area all the way down the entire port. Why is this important? The port cross sectional area at any given point directly controls the velocity in the port at that point as it travels to the cylinder. By controlling the velocity of the air and fuel as it travels down the port to the cylinder we can increase volumetric efficiency and increase torque output at the target rpm that we want the power come in at. It also allows us to reproduce every port exactly the same assuring each cylinder head will perform exactly like it was designed to and with the accuracy of CNC every head is cut the same over and over.
Home of the most powerful Busa and ZX14 cylinder heads on the planet
We also at times will incorporate surface texturing to promote fuel atomization to keep the fuel in suspension if needed or even special features in the port to “bump” the fuel back into suspension in the air stream if needed.

Our cylinder head designs cover a wide array for many applications from the high revving 4 valve inline 4 Hayabusa and ZX-14 motorcycles to 600+ CI displacement Big Block V8 torque monsters for drag racing.

We also offer digitizing services of your proprietary port and chamber designs and guarantee strict confidentiality of your designs. We can reproduce these designs in as many heads as you may need for the season. This comes in very handy when your “best” cylinder heads get destroyed and you need another set fast.

Home of the most powerful Busa and ZX14 cylinder heads on the planet
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