Cylinder Head Customization for Motorcycle Performance Optimization

Bored Throttle Bodies

Power increases are 7-13 hp depending on engine configuration.
  • All throttle bodies are on an exchange basis.
  • Good working cores must be sent in and inspected before we can ship yours out.
  • Please remove the fuel rail, injectors, wire harness, and any rubber caps and hoses.
  • DO NOT REMOVE the throttle position sensors.
  • DO NOT REMOVE any metal brackets.
  • If your model has upper butterflys its ok if they are already removed.
  • We remove the upper butterflys. Please specify if you DO NOT want them removed.
  • All throttle bodies have new stainless steel blades and are bored all the way through.
  • Injectors available on request. Please call.

We try to keep them in stock for immediate exchange but they sell quickly, usually before a batch is even finished.

If they are not in stock you can pre-pay and we will reserve a set from the next batch for you.

Batches can take 3-4 weeks.

When shipping pack them in a large box with plenty of padding on the end to protect the throttle position sensors.

  • zx14 06-11 47mm recommended for 1352cc-1450cc engines $580
  • zx14 06-11 48mm recommended for 1417cc-1570cc engines $580
  • zx14 12-14 48mm recommended for 1441cc-1617cc engines $580
  • Busa 99-07 49mm recommended for 1508cc-1700+cc engines $650
  • Busa 08-14 46mm recommended for 1340cc-1700+cc engines $650
zx14 throttlebodies bottom
zx14 throttlebodies bottom
zx14 throttlebodies top
zx14 throttlebodies top
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